Hela Disc

Sometimes the best inventions come from unintended discovery — like how a piece of scrap cardboard tossed across a room became the basis for the Hela Disc ($19). Using a new aerodynamic technology called FlexFoil that allows the disc to change shape during flight, the Hela Disc can travel over distances of up to 300 feet depending on the skill of the thrower, can stare down 15mph gusts, and offers micro edge molding on the grippy, weighted ends for added accuracy.

  • Regulation Bocce Ball Set

    It might be July, but summer's far from over — which means you'll still have plenty of chances to enjoy this Regulation Bocce Ball Set ($60). This official, meticulously crafted set includes four oxblood and four navy blue balls, one target ball — also known as the "Pallina" — a leather measuring device, and complete instructions, all of which arrive in a handsome crate with rope handles and brass hardware, making it something you can display even when the weather won't let you play.

  • Spalding Neverflat Basketball

    There are few things quite as irritating as gathering up a group of friends for some quality hoops only to discover that your ball has gone flat as a pancake. With the Spalding Neverflat Basketball ($30), that's not a problem. Featuring new technologies like a membrane designed to improve pressure retention and repel air mixture molecules, NitroFlate molecules injected into the ball to form a protective barrier against air seepage, and a specially designed valve with cap, the Neverflat is guaranteed to go at least a year between fill-ups, and is available in outdoor or composite leather versions.

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