Helmet-Cam ATC-1000

Helmet-Cam ATC-1000

We’ve all seen an NFL broadcast here and there and thought, “Damn one of those helmet cams would rock.” Well, now you can pick one up for yourself — the ATC-1000 Helmet Cam from Oregon Scientific ($120). It features 640x480 video captured at 15 fps onto an SD card or the 32MB built-in memory. Plus, it doesn’t come attached to a helmet so you can actually clip it to a bike, car, or just hide it in the bottom of your wife’s purse and find out what she does all day.

  • Watt's Up

    Ever wonder how much power your ginormous 70-inch TV consumes? Just plug a device into the Watt's Up Power Usage Meter ($130) and it instantly shows and records the wattage being used, plus other stats including average monthly cost. Watt's Up even has a "payback calculator" feature that automatically calculates the time required for an energy efficient appliance to pay for itself.

  • Scooba

    You've probably heard of the Roomba robotic vacuum, but you probably haven't met his brother, Scooba. Unlike Roomba, which sweeps carpet, Scooba ($400; available in November) washes and dries hard floor surfaces like wood, tile and linoleum. The compact robot is programmed to prep, wash, scrub, and dry floors in a single pass, and can clean in hard-to-reach places like under furniture. Scooba is also easy to use — just fill him up with Clorox cleaning solution, press clean, and empty his tank when he's finished doing your dirty work.

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