Hercules 400 Laser

Hercules 400 Laser

Whether you want a beam powerful enough to melt through plastic, or just need something to light up the night sky, the Hercules 400 Laser ($3000) will get the job done. This handheld laser is capable of all sorts of laser-based mischief — like igniting fireworks fuses and matches, popping balloons, and more — all with a beam that can be seen miles away. It's kinda like a lightsaber, but skinnier, and with a longer reach.

  • Eye-Fi Wireless SD Card

    If you're using a dSLR or other digicam that doesn't have built-in Wi-Fi, there's still hope. The Eye-Fi Wireless 2GB SD Card ($100) packs 2GB of storage (obviously) and Wi-Fi functionality into a normally-sized SD card that's compatible with any SD-capable camera. Send pictures wirelessly back to your computer, printer, or to your favorite photo-sharing service, including Flickr. A great way to add some functionality to an older camera.
    [Thanks, Todd]

  • Replug

    "MagSafe for your headphones." Okay, so that's not really the slogan for Replug ($TBA; Fall 2007), but users of any recent Mac laptop will certainly see the similarity. Replug transforms any standard 3.5mm audio jack into a breakaway connection, protecting the jack from undue stress, and allowing the cord to simply detach when pulled, which can also keep your audio source form ending up on the floor. [via]

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