Holdster Mason Jar Mug

How do you improve on the awesome drinking utility of the mason jar? Give it a better-than-Starbucks wrapper and a handle. The Holdster Mason Jar Mug ($20) slips onto standard wide-mouth jars, cladding them in leather and keeping the heat — or cold — away from your hand. Available in cross-stitch or riveted styles, and with or without a looped leather handle, they're a great way to add a touch of class to this traditional vessel. Combine with a Cuppow to create the ultimate farmland-esque travel mug.

  • Bodum Bean Iced Coffee French Press

    We typically like our iced coffee like we like our regular coffee — ready to drink not long after we start making it. For those of you with more patience, the Bodum Bean Iced Coffee French Press ($45) offers a smoother drink in exchange for a much longer brewing time. Just load your ground coffee into the jug as usual, add cold water, and let it hang out in the fridge overnight. In the morning, press it down, and you've got incredibly smooth iced coffee, no (more) waiting required.

  • Eva Solo Ice Tea Maker

    Expand your collection of display-worthy kitchen gadgets with the Eva Solo Ice Tea Maker ($90). Designed by Danish studio Tools, it features a glass carafe, a stainless steel tea filter, a flip-top lid that opens automatically when pouring, a colored silicone neck sleeve for a secure grip when pouring hot or cold liquids, and a one liter capacity. You can spoon tea leaves directly into the carafe for indefinite brewing — the filter will keep them from escaping into your drink — or place them inside the filter to brew for just a couple minutes, then press the plunger and pour.

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