HomeStar Pro Home Planetarium

HomeStar Pro Home Planetarium

We're big fans of the original HomeStar Planetarium, and now it's even better. The HomeStar Pro Home Planetarium ($350) is three times brighter than the original, and that's just for starters. It can also rotate the stars in slow motion, show shooting stars, and lets you focus to project sharper images. In addition, it also includes several plates that are unique to the HomeStar Pro. Brighter, sharper, and just plain better.

  • Drink-O-Matic

    Most guys would love to have a vintage pop machine in their homes, and now you can have a similar experience without taking up all that room or dealing with the astronomical electric bill that full-size vintage machines can bring. The Drink-O-Matic 10-Can Refrigerated Dispenser ($150) holds up to 10 cans of soda or beer in five visible slots, and keeps drinks up to 30 degrees colder than the surrounding environment. As an added bonus, the machine can run indoors or in the car thanks to included adapters for both AC and DC currents.

  • iLoupe

    If you thought your camera's macro mode was impressive, check this thing out. The iLoupe ($TBA) is the world's first portable digital field microscope/camera. What that means is that you can hook this thing up to a Canon SD600 6-megapixel camera and take digital pictures of an ant's leg hair or a gnat's runny nose. The removable microscopic module features lens magnifications ranging from 60x to 150x. [via]

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