Hone Type 15 Razor

The simple yet familiar design of the Hone Type 15 Razor belies the genius behind it. Winner of a 2016 iF Gold Award, this sleek razor is CNC Machined from raw brass or anodized aluminum, the former of which will develop a unique patina over time, while the latter comes in a lasting silver or black finish. Compatible with standard safety blades, the razor can be kept extra safe in the optional handmade leather case.

  • RZR Razor

    Meant for men only, the RZR Razor takes the modern razor and strips it down to its essentials. In place of a flexible body or ball-like joint, it relies on your brain and wrist to follow the contours of your face, with the premium-quality metal alloy blades placed on the opposite side of what you're used to for greater control and comfort. It has no moving parts and a titanium handle, and is thus meant to last a lifetime — and it has the warranty to prove it. For added personalization, engraving is available.

  • Bevel Trimmer

    The electric trimmer has been a staple of barbershops for decades. It hasn't changed much in all that time, either. The Bevel Trimmer takes this essential tool and updates it for modern times. It has a robust rechargeable battery that can run for over four hours at full power and holds a charge for up to 60 days, with an LED indicator to let you know it's running low. A novel Bevel Dial lets you adjust the blades quickly and without special tools, the blades themselves have a protective coating that repels oil and water, making them easier to clean and reducing irritation, and a hidden hook makes for easy storage. Carefully weighted, the trimmer's faceted body and soft touch finish ensure precise control, whether you're a professional barber or just touching up your boys' hair at home.

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