Hook & Furl Lapel Pins

Sure, you could go with the same tired lapel pin you see five times a day walking around downtown — an American flag here, a bank logo there — but you like to do things a little differently. And when you have a Hook & Furl Lapel Pin on your chest, there'll be no doubt when people pass you that you're not quite like everyone else. Handmade from found objects like feathers, buttons, wood, and bone, coupled with pins, thread, leather and resin, each piece is one-of-a-kind. Choose from a range of designs to fit your style — no matter what, it'll still be a sight better than whatever you had pinned there before.

  • Senz Smart Umbrella

    There are few things as irritating on an already nasty day as dealing with an umbrella that just can't cope with a serious gust of wind — turning inside out, soaking you in the process, or just plain blowing away. With the Senz Smart Umbrella ($50) you don't need to worry about the wind, or the rain, thanks to its innovative take on the shape of a traditional umbrella. Its angular design is shorter in the front than in the back, helping it cut through the wind without letting any get underneath. An ergonomic handle helps you comfortably hold on to the umbrella, while a range of available colors and prints keep you looking great, even when the weather doesn't.

  • Ellsworth & Clyde Magnetic Tie Bar

    Some classic menswear items rarely receive an update — the oxford shoe, neckties, sport coats — and most don't need one. But the Ellsworth & Clyde Magnetic Tie Bar ($50-$70) proves that sometimes a little innovation in a time-honored staple is sorely needed. Doing away with the clumsy mechanical hinge, these tie bars use powerful magnets to hold your neckwear in place no matter how much you move or how hard the wind blows. Handmade from carefully-selected hardwoods, stained, and finished with durable leather instead of a hinge (and with two lengths on either side to suit any tie), these tie bars are as inventive as they are handsome.

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