Hoover GUV Garage Utility Vacuum

Hoover GUV Garage Utility Vacuum

The reason nobody cleans out their car is because it's a huge pain the ass to wheel an upright vacuum out to the driveway. You won't have an excuse with the heavy duty Hoover GUV Garage Utility Vacuum ($150). The wall-mounted, bagless vacuum is made just for garages and workshops, and packs a powerful 12-amp motor, 5-gallon tank and 30-foot hose.

  • Sunlawn EM-2 Electric Mower

    Cutting grass is a common chore, yet few folks who claim to live "green" realize their gas mower puts out more pollution in an hour than several cars combined. The Sunlawn EM-2 Electric Mower ($380) is powered by two easily replaceable 12-volt SLA batteries that let the mower run for more than a full hour on a single charge. Its seven-blade cutting system keeps your lawn looking great, and the relatively silent operation lets you mow at any hour without disturbing the neighbors.

  • Jig-A-Loo

    It's always great to find something that has literally hundreds of uses (even if it is named something like this). Jig-A-Loo ($7 at Home Depot stores) is an invisible, odorless, stain-free, lubricant and water repellent that'll take care of just about any job around the house. Invented in Quebec in 1958, this miracle spray is now available in the states for the first time. It works on wood, metal, leather, most plastics and tons of other surfaces. Not to sound like an infomercial, but it lubricates, prevents rust and freeze, waterproofs, de-squeaks and just makes things operate smoother. 

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