Hops Holster

Hops Holster

Have a need to carry an entire 12-pack into the backyard battle? Forget the big-pocketed cargo shorts and grab yourself a Hops Holster ($30). This tactical drinking apparatus lets you carry 12 beers, Rambo-style, on your torso. Because you can never have enough PBR on hand.

  • NES Hard Drives

    Hide your precious data inside the unassuming casing of a video game classic with NES Hard Drives ($130-$180). Available in capacities up to 1TB, these 2.5-inch Toshiba drives feature USB interfaces, all stuck inside games like The Legend of Zelda, Metroid, or everyone's favorite code-driven shoot 'em up, Contra.

  • Belkin Conserve Insight

    Ever wonder how much power your TV, microwave, or cell charger uses, and how much that costs you? The Belkin Conserve Insight ($30) is a new, easy-to-use monitor that will tell you exactly that. The white and green adapter plugs in the wall between the gadget or appliance you want to track and the outlet itself, using a small screen on a tethered box to tell you how much energy the attached device is using, as well as the carbon and monetary costs. You might just find out that leaving your guitar amp or favorite lamp plugged in 24/7 isn't as great an idea as you thought.

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