HP Powerup Backpack

No, Hewlett Packard isn't known for its bags. Yet if you carry a lot of gadgets, you'll be happy for the HP Powerup Backpack. This nondescript gray canvas carry-all has a 22,400 mAh battery inside, enough to charge most laptops, or can charge either a tablet up to three times or a phone up to 10 times. Recharging is made easy with a dedicated side-pocket plug, and a built-in heat sensor will tone down the amps as necessary to make sure you nor your gear gets too hot.

  • SOG Toc 20 Backpack

    With a name that stands for Tactical Operating Center, the SOG Toc 20 Backpack is meant to carry everything you need for the day. The main compartment has several zippered pockets and sleeves for keeping things tidy, the molded top provides added protection for items like sunglasses and cameras, and the rigid suspension, padded hip belt, and quick-adjust shoulder straps keep even full 20L loads comfortable. It's made from Kodra 500D nylon that's coated with polyurethane for weather resistance and comes in black or gray.

    Presented by SOG.

  • Travelmate Robot Suitcase

    Imagine never having to drag your suitcase through the airport, scramble for a charging port or outlet, or worry about your bag's weight. That's the promise of the Travelmate Robot Suitcase. Using a combination of sensors and a smartphone app, it can follow behind you automatically, matching your pace and moving as fast as 6.75 mph. Its 360-degree Omni wheels let it move whether it's vertical or horizontal, allowing you to stack extra gear on top. The same battery that powers its movements also fuels a USB port and standard outlet and offers four hours of life in autonomous mode and up to 100 hours of standby. A GPS chip lets you track its location, the built-in scale ensures you're never over the limit, and the handle turns into a desk for your laptop or tablet. Available in three sizes, ranging from a carry-on to a multi-day case.

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