Hudway Glass Head-Up Car Display

It's not the first in-car head-up display we've seen. But it does make the most sense. Instead of packing in its own electronics and OS, the Hudway Glass Head-Up Car Display uses your smartphone as its brains. You simply launch a HUD app, set your phone down, display-up, and the aspheric plastic lens takes the image, flips it right-side up, and magnifies it up to 20% while letting you see everything that's going on behind it. It works with iPhone and Android, day or night, and is a smart alternative to standalone units.

  • Birdi Smart Air Monitor

    Smoke detectors are a critical piece of safety equipment. But if you're going to hang a circle on your wall, why not have it do more than just beep incessantly every time its battery needs changed? The Birdi Smart Air Monitor checks for fires, of course, but also monitors the quality of your air, keeping you informed on levels of dust, VOCs, pollen, and carbon monoxide, and tracks the temperature, humidity, and staleness, too. Its companion app makes it easy to check on everything, and it also integrates with Twilio so it can call your neighbors, authorities, and family members in case of an emergency.

  • Torch Smart Router

    Built with parents in mind, the Torch Smart Router has plenty of applications outside of just monitoring your children. It's easy-to-use interface lets you see what sites every device on your network is visiting, how much data they're using, and how much time they're spending online. You can set limits on each device's usage, suspend their ability to connect to the Internet (without affecting the other devices on your network), and block specific sites on a per-device basis, so you can enjoy unfettered access without worrying about your kids or guests finding their way onto unsavory sites.

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