Humanscale Paramount

Overkill. Insane. Impressive. All of these words are apt descriptors for the Humanscale Paramount ($1,800). The mother of all monitor mounts, it can accomodate anywhere from two to eight monitors weighing up to 35 lbs. each, and offers independent adjustment for perfect placement, crossbar "wings" that adjust from front to back to let you choose between a flat or parabolic display, and an integrated cable management system to hide the huge mess of cables from sight. Good luck finding a machine capable of running eight monitors at a time, but then again, if you've got easy access to eight displays, odds are that won't a problem.

  • Coffee Joulies

    There's more to a perfect cup of coffee — or tea, for that matter — than selecting the right blend to brew: no one's going to be able to enjoy it with their taste buds burnt off. That's where Coffee Joulies ($40) come in. Thanks to a special non-toxic material that's sealed inside the Joulies' bean-like stainless steel shells, these wondrous creations help to cool down your drink to approachable levels faster than normal, then use the energy stored during that process to keep it warm.

  • Bike 6-Pack Holder

    Okay, so maybe it's actually designed to hold pike polo mallets — but that doesn't mean the Bike 6-Pack Holder ($22) isn't great for holding a sudsy surprise. This leather frame cinch adjusts to secure just about anything to your bike's top tube, making it perfect for carrying a little liquid refreshment. Just remember to let your cargo settle before opening, unless you like beer showers.

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