Humidor Notes

Serious cigar aficionados like to keep track of what they're smoking — and Humidor Notes ($13/3-pack) are perfect for the job. In addition to a built-in ruler and cigar ring gauge, these pocket-sized journals feature pages with spots for recording everything from the brand and price to the weather and what you drank with it, as well as a glue dot for attaching the band.

  • WISPR Vaporizer

    With a name that sounds like a bad-guy organization from a spy novel and a design that integrates modern sensibilities and mid-century kitsch, the WISPR Vaporizer ($270) is a stylish, portable, and discrete way to enjoy the bounties of harvest season. Just fill it with butane, prepare your herbs, pack the chamber, attach the straw, turn it on, let it heat up, and when the light goes off, it's time to enjoy. Just remember to turn it off afterwards — which might be the most difficult part. [Scouted by Reed]

  • Titanium Cigar Punch

    Sometimes you don't want to chop off the entire end of your cigar, but instead put a hole just small enough to smoke through in the tip. For those items, bust out the Titanium Cigar Punch ($185). This premium smoking accessory is machined from solid titanium, with a stainless steel split ring and cutter head, a push-activated waste removal feature, and three neoprene O-rings to secure the cap when not in use.

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