When the iPhone first launched, it gave us a whole new way to make phone calls and connect with people. But in the years since its launch, the Phone and Contact apps haven't changed a whole lot. Humin is out to fix this. By acting as a replacement for both apps, it gives you the ability to search your contacts on more natural terms — say, when/where you met them, where they live/work, or what they do, all by leaning on information from Facebook, LinkedIn, and even Gmail. It also gives you reminders on who you're scheduled to meet with, connects you with friends when you're traveling, and lets you know when friends are visiting nearby. Put simply, it's a smarter phone.

  • RootsRated

    Getting yourself outside is the easy part of enjoying the outdoors — it's finding somewhere worth going that's the problem. RootsRated hopes to solve it by offering up curated lists of outdoor experiences, vetted and recommended by local experts to ensure that they're the cream of the crop in whatever area you're searching. Find an ideal spot but don't have time to visit right now? Just add it to your Bucket List for safe keeping.

  • Wink

    The "Internet of Things" gets closer and closer to reality every day, but unfortunately, the more things you have, the more apps you're likely juggling to keep them all running as you like. Wink is looking to do away with all that by combining the controls for your various gadgets in a single, streamlined app. What all can it control? Things like connected smoke alarms, lights, locks, garage doors, blinds, and even your HVAC system — and from brands like Schlage, Kidde, and Philips, at that, with support for more products — and automation — coming soon.

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