Hwoarang Hanger

Standard clothes hangers are great... for normal clothes. But what do you do when you need to hang accessories like belts, ties, and scarves that don't necessarily play well with the hangers in your closet? Put them on a Hwoarang Hanger (£8; roughly $13). Made from bent 1.5mm birch plywood, these strangely attractive hangers feature wide, oversized areas to the left and right that work perfectly for holding items that need to wrap around the hanger while still laying flat. [via]

  • Uncuff Links

    Any time we see a disclaimer like "use of this product under some circumstances may result in you being shot", we're instantly intrigued. And rightly so. Uncuff Links ($60) are standard, stainless steel cufflinks that do a great job of keeping your French Cuffs closed, but also hide a handcuff key inside that will open almost all standard handcuffs. Just remember to use them in the right situation — like the in bedroom of an overly-dominant lover, instead of the back seat of a cruiser. [via]

  • Chaval Response-XRT Heated Gloves

    Keep your hands warm this winter by wrapping them in Chaval Response-XRT Heated Gloves ($390). These waterproof, windproof gloves feature alphaHEAT tech that automatically adjusts heat levels to keep your hands warm — but not roasting — and uses flat, flexible, conductive traces instead of wires to keep yourself comfortable. Other features include an integrated charging cable for the lithium-polymer battery, an elastic wrist for a secure fit, and 4-6 hours of heating time per charge.

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