Hydra Console Game Kit

Hydra Console Game Kit

Relive the days of simpler gaming with the Hydra Console Game Development Kit ($200). This all-in-one package includes everything you need to start developing your own games for the included Propeller Powered Hydra Game console, and since it's designed with beginner programmers in mind, you won't need previous coding experience to have fun designing your own games. [via]

  • PlayStation Eye

    The original EyeToy for PS2 was pretty much exactly as it was described — a toy. Not so with the PlayStation Eye ($TBA; Summer 2007). Sporting features such as an improved microphone, better low-light performance, impressive 60 or 120 frames per second video capture, and an adjustable zoom, this PlayStation accessory is a worthy complement to the PS3. [via]

  • Xbox 360 QWERTY Keyboard

    On May 7, Xbox owners will be able to chat with both Xbox Live friends and Windows Live Messenger friends right from their 360. Unfortunately, all messages will be typed on the on-screen keyboard — that is until the arrival of the Xbox 360 QWERTY Keyboard ($TBA; Summer 2007). This accessory for the 360 snaps onto the underside of the controller for faster, more convenient chatting and text input. [via]

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