Ichelle Im 001 Drone

Tesla designer Andrew Kim, along with his artist wife Michele Park, have launched a place online to share products and product concepts. One of the first concepts unveiled is the Ichelle Im 001 Drone, a modular drone beautifully designed by the Los Angeles-based couple. It's meant to be easy to maintain and use, with a detachable panoramic camera that can be mounted to the drone body or handle. The smooth, comfortable look and feel of the 001 give it a more approachable and almost friendly vibe.

  • The Beast Hoverbike

    With a Tron-like form and flying capabilities, The Beast Hoverbike is a concept we'd like to see become a reality. The single-person vehicle is powered by a radial fan, rather than a motor, drawing inspiration from vintage hair dryers and graphic cards. A set of wings on the bottom aid in steering, while two large thrust reverse brakes slow the bike down. Although things are merely in the conception stage, the design did earn second prize in the "A Roadtrip in 2116" contest, giving us hope for possible production within the next 100 years.

  • Project Utopia

    Part vessel, part island, part sci-fi fever dream, Project Utopia is, as the name suggests, an envisioning of a perfect place to live. Set on four legs that support the upper decks with help from a central pillar, it measures roughly 100 meters across and 100 meters high, giving it outstanding ocean views. All that room is capable of housing hundreds of people, with amenities ranging from swimming pools, a theater, a casino, and a bar to a private docking station, convertible decks, and up to four heliports. Engines mounted on the legs give it the ability to move — albeit slowly — from place to place, meaning it can bring your friends, family, and even distant acquaintances along wherever you roam.

    Photos: Yacht Island Design

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