ICON 100 A5

So it's a little behind schedule — it was originally set to debut in 2010 — but it looks like the first few ICON A5s will be taking flight late next year as the ICON 100 A5 ($140,000). This limited-edition run of Light Sport Aircraft will feature a custom pearl white, satin finish exterior, with metallic, high-gloss accents in red, black, and metallic silver, but will otherwise retain all the features of the standard A5, including retractable landing gear for flying off land and water, a carbon fiber airframe, a 100-hp/120-mph Rotax 912 ULS engine (that runs on both auto and aviation gas), and folding wings.

  • Autum Epitaph Bike

    Ensure that your wheels match the mortuary-fabulous look of your wardrobe with the Autum Epitaph Bike ($3,000). This premium bicycle, designed for the living and deceased alike, is limited to a production run of just 12, and features aged leather on the hand crafted grips, and turn & tuck seat and inserts, a coaster brake, and dual front and rear tires mounted on custom-made alloy rims.

  • YikeBike

    We'll leave it up to you to decipher the name — our first reaction was "Yikes!" — but if you're looking for an eco-friendly urban ride and don't mind its unusual design, the YikeBike ($2,000-$3,800) is a fine choice. Powered by a nano lithium phosphate battery that can be charged in 55 minutes, the 22-pound YikeBike offers a range of roughly 6 miles and a top speed of 14 mph, with a crazy folding design that sees you sitting atop with handlebars near your hips, a 20-inch wheel in the front, an eight-incher in the back, and the world around you. Available in carbon fiber and aluminum/composite forms and multiple colors.

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