Icon A5 Systems Layout Model

Icon (purveyors of high-quality light sport aircraft) have released early details on the newest version of their A5, the Icon A5 Systems Layout Model ($189,000), and it looks incredible. These small, two-person aircraft are designed to go anywhere, enabling flight without all the hurdles of larger planes. They feature collapsable wings so they can be trailered around and easily stored, retractable landing gear enabling waterborne takeoff (if there's no pavement around), and sporty 100 horsepower pusher-prop engines. This new model, while still in the design phases, features a black vinyl that's interestingly printed with graphics that depict the internal location and layout of key structures and systems of the aircraft.

  • Pure Fix Glow Bikes

    Turn your hipster-street-cred up to 11 with Pure Fix Glow Bikes ($400). These deceptively-minimalist, fixed-gear road bikes have a surprisingly attention-getting feature — at night their solar-activated paint glows bright, neon green (one hour of time in the sun equals one hour of day-glo at night). Designed for urban travel on flat roads, these bikes have front caliper brakes and 700x28 tires for a great compromise between speed and comfort. Choose from several models, including the hotel, the kilo, the micro kilo, and the zulu.

  • Specialized S-Works x McLaren Venge Bike

    When you combine 40 years experience making performance bicycle components with 30 years spent working with advanced fibers for race cars, you get the Specialized S-Works x McLaren Venge Bike ($TBA). This bike represents the ideal intersection of lightness, aerodynamics, and stiffness that only a partnership of this caliber could produce. Remarkably, the frame weighs in at just under two and a quarter pounds, thanks to a sophisticated carbon fiber construction that shares design and testing techniques with F1 machines. A one-piece bottom bracket and chain stay, a tapered steer tube, and full internal cable routing contribute to its sleek design, helping make this the world's fastest street-legal bike.

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