Icon E-Flyer Electric Bike

Chances are you've probably heard of ICON by now — if you haven't, they're well-known for their utilitarian take on classic four-by-fours kitted out with modern gear. They've brought that same approach to their first two-wheeled vehicle, the Icon E-Flyer Electric Bike ($5,000). Limited to just 50 models, this bike pairs a retro aesthetic with modern electric vehicle technology, including a motor with a 35 mile range, regenerative braking, and a top speed of up to 36 miles per hour. The frame is made from hydroformed aluminum, while the forks are made from billet aluminum and steel. Artful touches like handmade leather, a mountain gray powder coat finish, brushed stainless, nickel, and brass details help it stand out from other available powered bikes.

  • Hammerhead Bike Navigation

    Make getting where you're going easier and safer — whether you're commuting to work, or meeting up with friends for a long-distance group cruise — with Hammerhead Bike Navigation ($85). Instead of the graphical display typical of most navigation devices, this one uses a series of colored LEDs as indicators, creating intuitive patterns that can be interpreted in your peripheral vision. As an added benefit, the device syncs wirelessly to your smartphone, letting you adjust the indicators, save and share routes, and even meet up with friends. And for those times when you're without a cellular signal, you can save routes to your phone and the onboard compass will still guide you along your way.

  • Helios Bike Bars

    If you live in the city your bike can be a great way to get to and from work — you save money on gas while helping stay in shape — but there are plenty of hazards out there for bike commuters. The Helios Bike Bars ($200) make your two-wheeled transportation safer and smarter, thanks to built-in intelligent LEDs and GPS. The LEDs, including a powerful headlight and rear-facing indicators, light your path and signal to others your intended turning direction and speed. On-board GPS gives you turn-by-turn directions and lets you find your bike if it's lost or stolen. Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity lets you use your phone to control ambient lighting, navigation, and more. Choose from two versions, the bullhorn and the drop bar, both available in black and white.

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