Inspired by Apple's ever-present aluminum power buttons, the iCufflinks ($130) are ready to add some Cupertino-style flair to your formal attire. These "open source" cufflinks are machined from 6 series aluminum, and thanks to a battery that screws inside the housing — along with a tiny circuit board and LED — they pulsate gently, subtly letting those around you know that not only do you mean business, but you might also be a robot. [Thanks, KJ & Butschp]

  • Fire Hose Belt

    Add a bit of Backdraft-style intrigue to your ensemble with the Fire Hose Belt ($38). Handmade from previously-used fire hoses, each one is unique, and they often come with distress marks, providing just a hint that your belt has probably seen more action than you have.

  • J.A. Christensen Maker Ties

    As you might have guessed, ties weren't always churned out by huge manufacturing equipment — they were made on a single needle sewing machine, by a single operator. Return to this time with J.A. Christensen Maker Ties ($90). Created with these classics in mind, these ties are cut across the fabric's width to give them a unique look, and feature square backs, vintage denim construction, a length of 55 inches, and width of three inches — not too short, not too skinny, but just right for pairing with a modern suit and shirt.

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