iHome iP4 Boombox

Not content to simply mimic the looks of an old-school, cassette-powered system, the iHome iP4 Boombox ($200) borrows the general shape and attitude of classic systems but belongs squarely in the 21st century, thanks to its subdued monotone design*, modern technology like SRS TruBass DSP, a flexible iPod/iPhone dock, four-inch carbon composite woofers and one-inch tweeters, an auxiliary input jack, backlit buttons, a five-band graphic equalizer with LCD display, and a decidedly low-tech FM radio.

*Applies only to the gray model. We don't do fuchsia.

  • iTar

    We love Kickstarter. For every cockamamie idea (or ten) that gets posted, you see something genuinely interesting. Like the iTar ($200 and up). Submitted by longtime makers of button-based guitar fretboards, the iTar combines one of these legendary 'boards with an iPad case/dock, offering nearly endless possibilities for music creation and manipulation, all while holding something that looks like a guitar, but has an iPad for a body. What could be better? [Scouted by Jim]

  • Belkin Chef Stand

    iPads can be super-handy in the kitchen, but do you really want to be touching your tablet with greasy, meaty mitts? We thought not. The Belkin Chef Stand ($40) takes care of the problem by holding your iPad in a chrome-finished stand and providing you with a dedicated stylus that just happens to have magnetic properties so you can turn your iPad 2 on and off without ever touching it. If counterspace is slim, consider the Fridge Mount ($40) or Kitchen Cabinet Mount ($50) instead, and keep everything from Epicurious to ESPN right at your, ummm, stylustips.

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