Iikone Coffee Brewer

Crafted entirely from high-gloss, medical-grade stainless steel, the Iikone Coffee Brewer is as much a sculpture as it is a functional addition to your kitchen. Thanks to its unique, spider-like design, it's the only brewer around that doesn't obstruct the filter, resulting in tastier, less bitter coffee that's even more complex than what you'll get from a traditional pourover. It comes packaged in a hand-made wooden case, and is compatible with most 6-10 cup filters.

  • Ember Smart Mug

    Temperature. It's a vital component of every hot beverage we consume. And until now, it's been incredibly difficult to regulate. The Ember mug provides the perfect vessel for consistent drinking temperatures for your coffee or hot tea — and will keep it that way for up to 2 hours. When coffee is ready, it's usually too hot to drink, and when it's ready to sip at the perfect temperature, it doesn't stay there very long. Ember cools things down to the ideal temperature without the need for complicated buttons or instructions, just rotate the dial at the bottom to set the temperature and enjoy. It's leak proof, portable, and easy to charge using the slim, compact coaster. You can even pair via Bluetooth and adjust the temperature using your smartphone when your Ember isn't at arms length.

    Presented by Ember Tech.

  • Browning DIY Butcher Kit

    Save money and ensure you're getting precisely the cuts you want with the Browning DIY Butcher Kit. This all-in-one solution includes four 420 stainless steel blades — filet, butcher, boning, and skinning knives — plus a set of game shears, a sharpening steel, and an LED cap light. Roll them all up in the included nylon tool roll for in-the-wild meat preparation.

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