I'm Here GPS Tracker

Kid, car, spouse, whatever — if you need to track something, you can do it simply and easily with the new I'm Here GPS Tracker ($170). Thanks to a built-in GPS and GSM radio, this I'm Here can find its location either on demand — when you request it from the smartphone app — or at automatic intervals which are then reported back to the I'm Cloud service. It comes in seven attractive colors so as to make it more enticing to use, but at less than 1.5" square, it's just as easy to toss in a bag or pocket to keep track of... whatever or whoever it is you want to track.

  • Parrot Flower Power

    Take your brown thumb and make it green with the Parrot Flower Power ($60). This advanced plant sensor sticks in your flower pot, measuring sunlight, soil moisture, temperature, and fertilizer. It transfers the data over Bluetooth 4.0 to your compatible device, using a dedicated app and a library of nearly 6,000 plants to make sure you're caring for your plant properly. And don't worry about constant battery changes — it'll run for six months on a single AA battery.

  • HAL 9000

    Well, it doesn't come with the Discovery One, but this HAL 9000 ($500) is the closest you'll come to that ship's charismatic AI controller. Based on actual studio blueprints, this incredibly detailed, hand-assembled replica features a custom-ground fish-eye lens with a sticker to replicate the writing on the original Nikkor lens, a red LED eye, the ability to speak one of 15 movie quotes, the ability to respond to voices, the ability to respond to IR commands, and aircraft-grade aluminum construction.

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