Impossible Instant Lab

There is something special about holding a photograph in your hands. It's how some of us grew up, but in a rapidly changing digital world, it's not how many collect memories anymore. The Impossible Instant Lab ($299) is designed to bridge the gap between digital and analog instant photography. This compact and portable device transforms digital images into unique instant photographs like nothing since the Polaroid itself. It features a four element, high-quality, coated glass lens, along with a metal dark slide and shutter mechanism. It works completely differently than other instant printers on the market, because it's analog, not digital.

  • Poppy 3D iPhone Camera

    For anyone who remembers looking at images through a View-Master as a kid, the Poppy 3D iPhone Camera ($39) should look familiar. Just by popping your device into the slot on top, you can shoot and view 3D images and video using your iPhone or iPod Touch. You can then share your videos or images on the web, letting your friends view them using their own Poppy, a 3D monitor, or red and blue glasses. While it'll work using any photo or video app, they've also made their own iOS app to make things easier.

  • iOS 7

    Skeuomorphic-design haters rejoice. iOS 7 ($TBA) does away with the much-maligned design trend that attempts to make apps appear like their real-life counterparts (no more felt and stitches), while introducing a redesigned UI and a number of features. Changes start with the lock screen, which now animates in parallax to your movement and includes notifications even before swiping. The new Control Center gives you important settings and buttons from nearly any app and quick access to music controls and a flashlight. iOS in the Car brings your device, eyes-free, to a host of car makes. Couple those changes with iTunes Radio, and improvements to multiTasking, Safari, Airdrop, Camera, Siri, and theft deterrence, and you get a pretty impressive release.

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