Inboard M1 Electric Skateboard

Electric skateboards are a great new technology, but most have a bulky battery sitting underneath that takes away from the look and riding experience. The Inboard M1 Electric Skateboard hides its electric motor in the rear wheels, making it look and behave much more like a regular board, but with electric power. The remote is a cinch to use, it comes with headlights and taillights for night riding, and even includes a carrying case for protection when you get to your destination. The M1 charges in about 90 minutes and will give riders a seven to ten mile range before it needs to be charged again.

  • Noordung Electric Bike

    By necessity, every electric bike has a battery somewhere. The Noordung Angel Edition Electric Bike has a battery you can take anywhere. Instead of using it exclusively for pedal assistance, the designers made it multi-functional, building a pair of gadget-charging USB ports and a Bluetooth speaker into the motorcycle tank-inspired shape, then adding a handsome leather strap to make it easy to carry. All of that hardly matters is the bike is sub-par, but there's little worry there, with a carbon frame, Brooks saddle, Shimano components, a hidden motor, and disc brakes in the front and rear. Limited to just 15 examples worldwide.

  • Nexo Ever Tires

    Whether it's for pleasure, exercise, or your daily commute, nothing ruins a ride quite like a flat. Nexo Ever Tires promise to eliminate that possibility entirely. Made from a unique polymer blend and designed with a series of holes on the sides, they offer a mix of cushioning and resilience that closely matches the performance of a traditional air-inflated tire. The holes also produce a reduction in weight, leading to greater speed, and they run for at least 5,000 miles before needing replacement, meaning they might outlast your bike itself.

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