Industry Solid Titanium Tool Set

Designed to be the only tool you'll ever need to carry for simple, everyday cutting and prying tasks, the Industry Solid Titanium Tool Set ($155) is perfectly-made to slip right onto your keys. These two tools, machined from solid titanium and polished to a mirror finish, feature a key slot so you can always have them on you. One is made for cutting, with a sharp edge that also works for prying, while the other is made for opening, with a bottle opener and a scraper. With their minimalist, yet functional design, they're made to last for years while always coming in handy whenever you carry them.

  • Gentleman's Bogota Lock Picks

    Now, we're not suggesting you're up to anything nefarious, but given the proper tools, there are few locks that could keep the determined man from entering. Whether you have a frequent problem locking yourself out of your apartment, or you're getting into something a bit more sinister, the Gentleman's Bogota Lock Picks ($35) are exactly the tools you need to gain entrance just about anywhere. Made to pin discretely under a lapel, collar, sleeve, or hat, these lock picks are light, yet sturdy, made from high-quality, precisely-cut stainless steel — so they'll never let you down in a pinch.

  • DualSaw Dual Blade Reciprocating Saw

    Whether you're tearing something down, or building something up, there are few tools more handy than a reciprocating saw — and the DualSaw Dual Blade Reciprocating Saw takes your standard reciprocating saw and turns it up to 11. As the first and only dual blade reciprocating saw, the DualSaw will make quick work out of just about any cutting task. With the ability to cut at two stroke lengths, it is the safest, smoothest cutting reciprocating saw available. It has less kick back, better stability, less vibration, and better control than any other reciprocating saw you can find.

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