Infinity Inflatable Kayaks

If you love the water but lack the wheels required to haul a boat — or two — back and forth from the nearest water hole, try out one of these Infinity Inflatable Kayaks ($500-$825). Available in one, two, and three man versions, they feature rugged nylon outer shells, welded inflatable bladders, built-in seats, grab handles, paddle parks, an included handpump for inflation and backpack for transport, and terrific maneuverability.

  • Tentsile

    Whether you have a favorite campsite that doesn't offer much flat ground or are simply worried about what floor-dwelling creatures might crawl into your makeshift abode, the Tentsile ($TBA) is here to help. Made by hand using multiple layers of fabric and supports, this unique habitation unit is designed to be suspended in the trees, holding between 2 and 8 people — depending on the model — and offering neat features like a covered porch in the two-man, built-in windows in the midsize, and a double bed-sized central space in the largest model. As for how you'll get it up there, well, that's up to you.

  • Third Rock Fire Pit

    If you've ever seen the finale of Epcot's fireworks show, then you have some idea of what the Third Rock Fire Pit ($1,700) is about. Although this model doesn't float, shoot roman candles, or sport a slew of LEDs on the outside, it is made from quarter-inch thick carbon steel, and features an iron oxide finish, cutouts of the world's landmasses, an interior coating of high-temperature-resistant paint, and a rain drain on the bottom. Overpriced drinks optional.

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