Instrumments 01 Dimensioning Device

Tape measures have been around for a very long time. The Instrumments 01 Dimensioning Device may make them obsolete very quickly. This pen-like tool is made from aluminum and steel and lets you measure the dimensions of nearly anything simply by rolling the tip over the surface. It hooks to your phone wirelessly, lets you measure in nearly any unit you like, and also hides a pen inside, giving you no excuse not to carry it with you.

  • Leatherman x Shinola Multi-Tool

    Based on the beloved Charge AL, this new Leatherman x Shinola Multi-Tool makes a few changes to the classic that should please any modern gentleman. At first glance, you'll notice the matte navy anodized exterior case, but look closer and you'll see the original lineup of tools, which includes pliers, cutters, knives, scissors, openers, rings, and more, has been augmented by bike hex and a watch strap replacement tools exclusive to this collaboration. Arrives with a leather carrying sheath and a bit kit for tackling even more jobs.

  • Wazer Waterjet Cutter

    Traditional waterjets are huge, expensive, and a pain to maintain. The Wazer Waterjet Cutter is none of those. Able to sit on most desktops or work areas, this self-contained unit uses a high-pressure water stream and tiny sand-like abrasive particles to cut through nearly any material, including aluminum, glass, steel, carbon fiber, and even marble. It has integrated storage for the abrasive, simple onboard controls, and easy height adjustment, and cleans up quickly after you're done cutting. It supports standard DXF and SVG files from common software like Illustrator, Solidworks, or SketchUp, and can make cuts as precise as 0.003", letting you create everything from simple shapes to intricate designs.

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