ioSafe Solo G3 Hard Drive

Have some data that you need protected? Store it on an ioSafe Solo G3 Hard Drive ($400). This external USB 3.0 drive is both fireproof — up to 1550º for 30 minutes — and waterproof — down to 10 ft. for up to 72 hours. It's also nearly silent, compatible with Kensington locks and padlocks, and includes backup and encryption software. But the real kicker is the ioSafe Data Recovery Service, which provides a one-time data and hardware recovery, no questions asked.

  • Form 1 High-Res 3D Printer

    It might not print it big, but the Form 1 High-Res 3D Printer ($3,300) can print nearly anything you can imagine in exquisite detail. Using high-end stereolithography technology, the Form 1 can construct details as small as 300 microns, and can print objects up to 4.9" x 4.9" x 6.5" in size. The included Form Software lets you start with .stl files and finalize your design, ensuring that every detail is there, just the way you designed it.

  • Electree

    Some new product ideas are cool, and some are downright crazy — but it's the ones that are a little of both that often turn out the best. Take the Electree ($200 and up) for example. This sculpture/gadget is shaped after a bonsai tree, but instead of leaves it sports solar panels on its branches. And what does it do with all the energy it collects? It charges an internal battery that you can then use to charge your phone or tablet. Wirelessly, even, if you'd like. It surely beats the "garden" of wires you deal with now.

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