iRobot Ava 500

The way we do business is evolving, letting you work effectively from your bedroom or home office. As a result, notions of business casual have changed, morphing from polos and khakis to tighty whiteys and slippers. The iRobot Ava 500 ($2,500 a month) is part of that change, making it possible to work from anywhere and still be seen in the office — just make sure you're decent from the waist up. A collaboration between iRobot and Cisco, it features a rolling base with a 21-inch HD screen, video camera, and WiFi connectivity (so your colleagues can see you and you can see them). You control it from anywhere using an iPad, enabling you to catch up with coworkers at the water cooler or attend a board meeting, all without leaving your apartment, or putting on pants.

  • Nymi Heartbeat Wristband

    While we're still a long way off from the complete interconnectivity of the things that make our everyday tasks easier, the Nymi Heartbeat Wristband ($80) could get us a lot closer. At the core of this wearable device is a heartbeat sensor that determines the unique rhythm of your pulse, using it as a form of authentication. It can then, in theory, be used to interact and gain access to a range of devices around you: your car, your home, your lights, your smartphone, your laptop, even the payment terminal at your local coffee shop. In addition to the heartbeat sensor, it also includes motion and proximity sensors, giving you the ability to actually interact with these devices through gesture-based input. While there's still work to be done on making it compatible with everything, the future looks pretty promising (available early 2014).

  • Field Notes Drink Local Notebooks

    Whether you like to jot down notes about all the craft beers you enjoy, or you just find inspiration at the bottom of a pint glass, Field Notes Drink Local Notebooks ($10) were made for you. These 48-page notebooks come in packs of three, wrapped in a cardboard carrier, and include a letter-pressed coaster for your brew. You can choose between blank, lined, and grid paper, and the notebooks come in beer-themed colors: choose ales (stout, amber ale, and india pale ale) or lagers (pilsner, bock, and pale lager).

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