Isaora Swim Trunks

Forget the oversized cuts, crazy patterns, and garish colors of most boardshorts you'll find at the nearest Pac Sun — if your plan is to look stylish at the beach, these Isaora Swim Trunks are a way better place to start. Made from 100% Japanese nylon and lined with mesh, these trunks are designed to dry as quickly as possible, and also pack in features like two mesh-lined side pockets, a rear pocket with laser-cut holes (so it doesn't fill up with water), and a zip fly. Available in four tasteful coloways.

  • Rhino Laces

    If you've ever had a shoelace give out on the trail, on the job, on the hunt, or just around the house, you know what a pain it can be. Ensure that doesn't happen with a pair of Rhino Laces. Created by wildland firefighters, these rugged laces are guaranteed against burning, cutting, sawing, chopping, or in any other way breaking or being destroyed thanks to a patent-pending process that makes certain they hold together no matter what conditions you face.

  • Hook & Furl Lapel Pins

    Sure, you could go with the same tired lapel pin you see five times a day walking around downtown — an American flag here, a bank logo there — but you like to do things a little differently. And when you have a Hook & Furl Lapel Pin on your chest, there'll be no doubt when people pass you that you're not quite like everyone else. Handmade from found objects like feathers, buttons, wood, and bone, coupled with pins, thread, leather and resin, each piece is one-of-a-kind. Choose from a range of designs to fit your style — no matter what, it'll still be a sight better than whatever you had pinned there before.

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