There are plenty of scenarios in which you might want to move something quickly and easily from your iPhone or iPad to a PC, and doing so without bouncing your data off the cloud can be difficult — unless you have an iStick. This clever gadget is the first flash drive to feature a USB port on one end and a Apple-certified Lightning connector on the other, letting you use a companion app for moving files to and fro, as well as play media straight from the drive. It's like a 21st century Zip drive.

  • iTrack Dock

    Years ago, if you wanted to record music, you needed a dedicated sound studio — full of expensive equipment that the average guy could never get ahold of. But not anymore. Now all you need is a brand new iPad and the iTrack Dock to lay down tracks in your own home. The dock acts as a hub for your iPad, letting you connect your guitar, microphone, or MIDI controller with excellent sound quality and powerful control. It works with all the most popular audio apps available for the iPad (Auria, Cubasis, GarageBand, and more) and comes with their proprietary recording software Tape, making it simple to record, master, and share audio. And with high quality outputs available, you can power your studio monitors and headphones so you won't miss a single sound.

  • Pioneer NEX CarPlay Receivers

    So you've been excited about the idea of Apple Carplay since hearing it was available, but you're not quite ready to drop a bunch of cash on a brand new car. Fortunately for you, you won't have to, thanks to the new line of Pioneer NEX CarPlay Receivers. Made to work in the car you already own, you get the full use of Siri, navigation, your music, phone, messages, all within an easy-to-use touchscreen panel in your car's dash. With a number of receivers available, all you need to do is plug your iPhone into the unit and enjoy. Your old car will never be quite the same.

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