You could carry around a huge array of stomp pedals from show to show, or you could carry one iStomp ($150). This simple box works just like a traditional stompbox, only the effects it provides come from your iPhone or iPad. Simply download and select the pedal you want from the Stomp Shop, then load it onto the iStomp — since you actually load it onto the pedal, you don't need to keep your device hooked up, and with true stereo inputs and outputs and four control knobs, you can get just the sound you're looking for. Use one by itself or string multiple boxes together for truly crazy effects.

  • HipKey

    Keep track of your phone, your belongings, or even your kids with the HipKey ($90). This aluminum and plastic disc pairs with your iPhone or iPad via Bluetooth Smart, alerting you at your chosen distance when the two drift too far apart. Keep it in your pocket to make sure you don't forget your phone, keep it in a bag to make sure no one tries to take it, or clip it to your kid's belt loop to ensure they don't wander off. There's even a motion mode that will trigger the alarm if anyone so much as moves the key — but in any case, it'll typically give you one less thing to worry about.

  • Belkin Thunderstorm Handheld Home Theater

    Turn you iPad into a mini movieplex with the Belkin Thunderstorm Handheld Home Theater ($200). Designed to connect directly to the iPad using either the 30-pin or Lightning connector, this form-fitting accessory is powered by Audifi and features high-efficiency front-facing speakers that offer surprisingly rich sound, thanks to ported enclosures that increase bass response. You can adjust the sound using a free downloadable app, and to finish off the experience it includes a Smart Cover-like stand/cover so you don't have to hold the damn thing the whole time.

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