Ithaca Flower Power Beer

When you're tired of trying to chase down the next big thing in the craft beer world, it can be refreshing sometimes to turn to an old standby. Flower Power from Ithaca Brewing in New York is a perfect example of this, and helped pioneer the path for many IPAs that have followed. With a tropical jungle of a nose and a hopped up taste thanks to five different dry-hopping sessions, this bad boy not only is an old stand-by, but also stacks up incredibly well to the avalanche of IPAs that have been trying to keep up over the past decade plus.

  • Spencer Trappist Ale

    What most people know about Trappist Ale is that it is brewed by monks in Europe. The nine monasteries that brew the delicious beer are were all in Europe until monks at St. Joseph's Abbey in Massachusets threw their hat in the ring with Spencer Trappist Ale. What they came up with for America's first Trappist beer is a 6.5% Belgian style pale ale with some fruity, yeasty characteristics. And despite being new to brewing such a historically revered beer style, the monks have managed to make something that tastes like it could come straight from one of the well established European monasteries.

  • Monocacy H.L. Rex Pale Ale

    The newest contender in the race for a great, sessionable pale ale comes from the folks at Monocacy Brewing in Frederick, Maryland and it's named H.L. Rex Pale Ale. This 3.7% brew is a perfect fit on a hot summer day, allowing plenty of repeated samples without the potential of a bad crash. What separates it from the growing number of session beers on the market is not only a great hop experience in aroma and taste, but also the attentive design that marks each bottle. Another worthy adversary as the dog days of summer roll on.

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