Ivee Voice-Activated Assistant

We've witnessed a huge evolution in the so-called "internet of things" — connected devices that make your home more automated and intuitive. From WiFi-enabled outlets, to robotic vacuums, to thermostats, nearly everything can be controlled from a phone. But, pulling out your phone, cueing up an app, and tapping a few buttons to turn down the heat can be cumbersome. The Ivee Voice-Activated Assistant ($179) solves that problem. With simple voice commands you can adjust the temperature, set an alarm, dim the lights, turn on the radio, and more, all without lifting a finger. With a completely-open developer platform allowing third parties to integrate various services and devices, it seems like this is only the beginning. [Scouted by Frank]

  • Melon

    "Know thyself" isn't just an ancient aphorism or something cool written above the Oracle's door — it's sound advice. Melon ($100) is a new gadget that aims to help you on this quest by measuring your ability to focus. It does this via a wireless headband that uses EEG to measure brain activity, and an app that uses this information to monitor your focus, letting you tag each session with the activity you were doing, environment, behavior, and more. It also doesn't look too ridiculous — it comes in black or white — and is expected to ship in November. [Scouted by Ryan]

  • Daft Punk Helmet

    Just in case you've been living under a rock for the past few weeks, Daft Punk's latest album — Random Access Memories — dropped this week. Judging by what we've seen, it's going to be played a lot this summer, so you might as well dress the part. This unofficial Daft Punk Helmet ($500) is your bespoke ticket to Daft Punk fandom. Based on the French electronica duo's now-iconic headgear, it's made from urethane plastic, then carefully chromed, with a tinted Lexan visor and an included LED message scroller that Velcros in for easy removal. Included is a black balaclava to cover your neck and a pair of chromed glove plates; you'll have to build your own crazy glowing pyramid.

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