Jack Black x Muhle Safety Razor & Shave Brush

Channel your late grandpa every time you engage in the manliest of morning rituals with the Jack Black x Muhle Safety Razor & Shave Brush ($200). This combination safety razor and shave brush takes shaving back to the old days, before razors had multiple blades, vibrating heads, moisturizing strips — and whatever other crap the big shaving companies cram onto a razor to try and make a buck. This classic shaving method helps prevent razor burn and bumps, will giving you a closer shave with less irritation. They feature tastefully-designed long blue handles, replaceable blades, and bristles made from Silvertip Fibre, so you don't have to feel bad about badgers losing their coats to give you that perfect coating of shaving cream.

  • Harry's Fall/Winter Truman Set

    Take care of all your shaving needs for the next month, season, or year in one purchase with Harry's Fall/Winter Truman Set ($20). This limited edition set includes a Truman handle, in your choice of seasonally-appropriate color schemes: ash fox, headily grange, nautilus captain, or woodsman. It also comes with three blades and shave cream — everything you'd need to avoid stubble for a month. Or, opt for a shaving plan and have blades shipped to your door every month, making picking up shaving supplies one less thing you ever have to worry about.

  • Bogobrush

    The buy one, give one movement is going strong with companies like Toms and Warby Parker — now Bogobrush ($40) has entered the mix. They offer a fairly-straightforward concept: a subscription service delivering a simply-made, environmentally- and socially-conscious toothbrush every three months (and for every one you get, an American in need gets one as well). The toothbrushes feature an entirely-biodegradable design, thanks to their bamboo construction. This helps you avoid contributing to the 450 million toothbrushes thrown away annually in the USA, all while helping spread good dental hygiene.

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