Jack Spade Sling Shot

Jack Spade Sling Shot

There's really not much to say about this thing. Obviously, it's simply a real, handmade slingshot that brings back memories of Dennis the Menace. The Jack Spade Sling Shot ($40) is carved from cedar and features strong rubber slings with a suede cap. Broken window not included.

  • iGlove

    One of the more irritating aspects of cold weather comes into play when you try and use things with gloves on. Things like iPods, for instance. Now, with the iGlove ($35), at least you can use your iPods in warmth, thanks to Click Wheel compatible tips on the thumb and forefingers. Just make sure not to try and change tracks during a snowball fight.

  • The Club Seat

    Never worry about placing your precious backside on a cold seat in a sports stadium again with The Club Seat ($100). This tush warmer has a rechargeable battery system to power heat elements to keep you toasty for up to five hours. An aluminum frame back offers up support as you lean back to drink another cold, frosty one. It's also water resistant and folds up when you're ready to leave.

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