Jackson Pulverizer

Whether you need to bust up an old driveway or simply want to make yourself a hole into the neighbor's bathroom for creepy, voyeuristic reasons, The Pulverizer is the tool for the job. At 3.5 lbs. and just over a foot long, it's sturdy enough to take some abuse while remaining small enough to pack along no matter what the job. Features include a industrial-grade sledge head with a 1.5-inch strike face, a two inch scraper and nail puller, a textured TPE grip, claw teeth for better grip when plying, and the strength that comes from fully-forged manufacturing.

  • BuryBunker Underground Storage Safe

    Prepare yourself for a zombie attack, government-imposed gun ban, or other end times-esque scenario with the BuryBunker Underground Storage Safe ($400). Made from powder-coated 10 gauge steel, this sturdy contraband coffin is designed to house a pelican-type gun case, with dimensions of 8" by 20" by 53", a weight of 135 lbs., and a watertight silicon gasket lid that closes with stainless steel fasteners. Also great for large sums of cash, body parts of former "associates," or that secret stash of Bac~Os.

  • Craftsman C3 Lawn Care Line

    Take care of your turf from top to bottom with the new Craftsman C3 Lawn Care Line. Comprised of the C3 String Trimmer ($135), C3 Hedge Trimmer ($100), C3 Sweeper ($80), and the C3 Chain Saw ($110), all of which are powered by the C3's interchangeable 19.2 volt lithium-ion batteries, which recharge in an hour or less, with a red-to-green charge indicator and a common Craftsman interface which make them compatible with many power tools you may already own. The chain saw is the only piece that you can buy right now, but they'll all be on sale soon. And it's still unconfirmed, but we hear this is the prototype of the C3 Automatic Mower.

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