Jake Dyson Ariel Lights

If you need even, direct light on a fixed rectangular space — whether it's a workbench, a kitchen island, or a conference table — then you need Jake Dyson Ariel Lights. These LED suspension lights use special heat tube technology and advanced optics to direct light to a focused area while producing minimal heat, letting you work comfortably with minimal shadows. Able to be adjusted to perfectly fit whatever space you want lit, these lights help eliminate glare while evenly lighting whatever you're working on. And, because of its unique engineering originally developed for use in satellites, the LEDS in these lights can last for as long as 13 years of continuous use.

  • Edison LED Light Bulbs

    Add a touch of turn-of-the-century class to your space without needing turn-of-the-century technology with these Edison LED Light Bulbs. Thanks to warm color temps, each of the three bulbs — they're available in traditional round, teardrop, and G95 shapes — gives off all the atmosphere and ambiance of a real Edison-era bulb while using a smidgen of the power, making them a terrific blend of old and new.

  • Saffron Drift Light

    It's rather counterintuitive that a light bulb would be designed around helping you sleep better, but that's the case with the Saffron Drift Light. Powered by high-efficiency LEDs, the Drift puts out warmer light than most bulbs — which is good for melatonin production — and mimics the natural sunset by slowly dimming over 37 minutes, providing a smooth transition to sleep. Need a little bit of light on? Not to worry, as it also has a Moonlight Mode that will keep you from taking up outlets with night lights.

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