Jalapeno Beat Maker

In case you've ever wished you could have a soundtrack to your life — and not just music that played along, but a tune that actually responded to your activities — there's the Jalapeno Beat Maker ($200). Made with adventure sports in mind, including snowboarding, skiing, skating, and BMXing, this small red device attaches to your board, ski, bike, whatever, and actually remixes music as you ride and execute tricks. Able to mix up to four layers at a time from the Beats Farm music library, tracks you make yourself, or music from your digital library, this device is durable enough to withstand just about anything you could put it through. Listening to music while you hit jumps, carve slopes, and more will never be the same.

  • ClearView Clio Speaker

    Representing the latest innovation in home audio technology, the ClearView Clio Speaker features a nearly-invisible acrylic glass stereo transducer. Its unique curving shape, and its ability to emit sound through its edges (rather than from the rear like normal cones) lets it fill any space with sound in multiple directions. It uses Bluetooth connectivity to interface with a range of devices, including your mobile phone, letting you play music from whatever source is at hand. Available in silver, dark bronze, and charcoal, this speaker looks great in any space, while providing an engaging centerpiece for any room.

  • Sony In-Car Smartphone Cradle Receiver

    There are already plenty of ways to connect your mobile device to your car stereo — whether wirelessly, over USB, or using an auxiliary input — letting you listen to music, take calls, and more. But the Sony XSP-N1BT Smartphone Cradle Receiver ($250) is the first system that turns your device into the interface for your infotainment. Its unique clamping system grips your phone in landscape orientation, and when combined with their AppRemote for iOS and Android devices, functions as the complete input for your stereo. Wireless connection is available for Android devices, while iPhones will still have to connect over USB, which also charges your device while it's in use.

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