Jammy Portable Guitar

If you're a total novice or an experienced vet without space to riff, the Jammy Portable Guitar looks like a great option. It's a guitar without a body, equipped with steel strings and a full-scale telescopic neck. Beginners can use the LED-equipped frets and practice discreetly using direct audio output that can be sent straight to your headphones. If you're past the lessons stage of your journey, you can send the output to an amp and take Jammy places your 6 or 12-string guitar could never go as it's less than 20 inches fully extended.

  • Fender Tone

    The times, they are a-changing. While digital modeling amps are nothing new, the connectivity of the Fender Mustang GT Amps and companion Tone app is. Using a WiFi and Bluetooth connection, it lets you browse through tons of presets — custom, preset, or straight from big-name artists — on your phone, select the perfect sound with just a tap, and access a plethora of effects. The amp itself is based on Fender's best-selling Mustang series, and is available in three sizes from 40 to 200 watts, making it a great companion for the bedroom, studio, or stage.

  • DJI Drone Goggles

    Unless you're willing to strap on a wingsuit, the sensation of flying is difficult to achieve. The DJI Drone Goggles give you the ability to experience flight first hand with your feet securely on the ground. Depending on the mode, it will turn either the camera or the entire drone based on your head movements, making control incredibly intuitive. Dual 1920x1080 screens provide outstanding visuals with just 110ms of latency, a touchpad control gives you access to other options, and an HDMI input lets you use them with other media sources. Built primarily for the Mavic Pro, they're also compatible with select Phantom 4 and Inspire series aircraft.

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