Jawbone UP24

Following a small snafu with the original, Jawbone is back with a completely new wearable physical activity monitor, and it's called the Jawbone UP24 ($150). This wrist-worn tracker is constantly connected to the iOS app on your iPhone or iPod touch, transmitting data over Bluetooth Smart about your sleeping pattern, movement, and food intake. It also has lots of other useful functions, like a smart alarm to wake you up and alerts to remind you to move through the day. The app works with you to provide detailed insights into your health and activity, letting you gradually improve your fitness as you wear it.

  • iRobot Braava Floor Mopping Robot

    Faced with the choice of spending your afternoon mopping the floors, or doing just about anything else, nine times out of ten, you'll choose something else. But with the iRobot Braava Floor Mopping Robot ($300) you'll never have to mop your floors again. The rechargeable battery lets it dry sweep for up to three hours on a single charge, or wet mop for up to two hours. Its intelligent sensors know when to avoid carpets, raised surfaces, and area rugs, while its perfect edge technology lets it get right up against walls and other obstacles.

  • Fitbit Force

    If you're considering upgrading your Fitbit Flex, then you owe it to yourself to check out the updated Fitbit Force ($130), the company's newest wearable activity tracker. While it still contains most of the features of the earlier model — you wear it on your wrist, it tracks your steps, the distance you've traveled, the calories you've burned, your minutes of activity, and the quality of your sleep — it also adds a couple of key features. It has an improved blue OLED screen letting you read the display more easily, as well as an altimeter, adding floors climbed to the data it tracks. It also features a clock, and a stopwatch, as well as the ability to sync with your phone automatically over Bluetooth.

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