JBL MS-2 Pocket Digital Processor

JBL MS-2 Pocket Digital Processor

Looking to ge the best possible sound out of your iPod, iPhone, or whatever it is you use for on-the-go audio? Before you plug it into your car or home stereo, run it though the JBL MS-2 Pocket Digital Processor ($200). This pint-sized processor uses DSP to optimize the sound for the acoustic characteristics or your speakers and listening area, improving clarity and stereo imaging. See (hear) it in action.

  • StressVest

    When paintball just isn't enough anymore but you don't really want to get into the habit of shooting real guns at your buddies — while being shot at, no less — then perhaps it's time to invest in a StressVest ($2,500 and up). Developed for training use by police and military personnel, this high-end version of laser tag delivers either a vibration or an adjustable shock that gets worse with each hit and tops out at 4,500 volts via a specialized vest and a crazy laser insert that goes into a REAL GUN and emits a laser burst every time you pull the trigger. Sure, you've got to register for a federal ID number to own the thing, but that's totally worth it for some realistic weekend warfare, right? [Scouted by Chris]

  • Transformers 3D Helmet

    Whether you're planning on a repeat viewing of Dark of the Moon or you're headed in to see the robotic mayhem for the first time, stay true to your inner child by wearing a Transformers 3D Helmet ($10) into the theater. Available in Optimus Prime or Bumblebee models, they contain the same RealD lenses you'll receive at the theater, letting you look either less dorky or more dorky (depending on your level of robo-love) while you enjoy the 3D action.

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