Jeep Mud Mask

Your Jeep was built to handle the toughest of trails. Yet most of the time it sits either in your driveway or the parking garage by your office. Give it a taste of freedom with Jeep Mud Mask. Created for the brand's 75th anniversary, this whimsical car care product is in fact a tastefully-designed 375 ml can of dirt. Add some water and you've got a fine mud that's perfect for making it appear you spent the weekend adventuring instead of at Ikea looking for a new couch. Limited to just 75 cans, it's not available for sale, so for the time being potting soil will have to do.

  • Snow Peak Sky Nest Tent

    Designed to be suspended from two trees, the Snow Peak Sky Nest Tent takes the Japanese firm's beloved tents and raises them up off the ground. It measures roughly four feet by seven feet, with an inner liner to help protect you from condensation and wetness, a large ventilator at the top to help keep you cool, and a hidden shoe pocket underneath the floor that will keep your kicks dry even in the rain. Comes with padded sheets to help protect the bark of the trees, as well as ropes to help secure it in the breeze.

  • Flycraft Stealth Boat

    Weighing just 98 lbs and requiring only 3-4 inches of water underneath the boat for floatation, the Flycraft Stealth Boat is as versatile as it is convenient. Designed specifically for fishing, its 12.5-foot inflatable base allows it to be transported in a trunk, yet the floor is surprisingly rigid. Two layers of PVC armor protect it from sharp objects, and it has four layers in key wear points for added durability. It can accomodate two adults, whether standing or seated, thanks to the dual swiveling seats and a rigid aluminum frame, and can handle motors weighing up to 30 lbs., making it capable of handling a wide variety of water types, from tiny streams to oceans — no trailer required.

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