Jetboil Flash Java Kit

Forget waiting around on water to boil on your next camping adventure — with the Jetboil Flash Java Kit, you'll have hot water in no time. This handy one liter cooker gets things up and bubbling in just two minutes, and should you need the water for something like soup, coffee, or tea, the cooking cylinder itself features an insulated cozy, a color-changing heat indicator, an included drink-though lid, and an insulated bottom/measuring cup, letting you go straight from the fire to your mouth with minimal hassle.

  • Esee Izula Survival Wallet

    You carry a lot of stuff in your wallet — ID, debit cards, cash — but none of those are going to help you in the wilderness. The contents of the Esee Izula Survival Wallet can. Made in the USA from rugged cordura, this tri-fold wallet comes complete with a bounty of essential tools, including a fire steel, Kevlar cord, fish hooks, an arrowhead, a compass, a handcuff key, powerful magnets, a titanium blade, a signal mirror, and cards filled with tips and instructions to help you make it through when you're away from civilization.

  • Audi Q3 Tent

    Stop, before you say anything, no, this isn't the new Pontiac Aztec — it's an Audi Q3 Tent — and we couldn't be happier about that distinction. You can use it as a standalone tent, or attach it to the back of your Q3, letting you get the most out of whatever semi-off-road destination your crossover can take you. The tent uses an inflatable structure, making it easy to set up with the supplied pump in only about seven minutes, while also helping it withstand wind speeds over 40 miles per hour. And while it's currently only being billed as a concept, you may just find it hanging from your tailgate one day — until then, you'll just have to make do with a regular tent.

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