Jetlev Flyer

Jetlev Flyer

Jetpacks have been a pipe dream for many of us ever since we first watched Thunderball, but the expense, heat, weight, and potential for disaster have kept us grounded. Now the well-heeled among us can experience this unique form of flight with minimal risk aboard the Jetlev Flyer ($99,500). This crazy, water-powered backpack uses a 250hp motor and fuel tank at the water's surface to send gallons of the wet stuff up to the seat, where it's blasted back down to the ground, providing a maximum top speed of 22 mph and a maximum height of 28 feet, limited by the hose. All without the need to watch for Goombas.

  • M55 Hybrid Bike

    Despite the questionable logic of slapping a motor onto a people-powered device and calling it a "hybrid," the M55 Hybrid Bike ($TBA) deserves a spot on your holiday wish list. It features a built-in electronic motor and batter pack, and uses a sensor to determine when you need extra torque, switching on the motor automatically. Other features include a Fox suspension, Brembo brakes, and an aluminum frame, plus all the smug points that come with owning a "hybrid bicycle."

  • Corbus Skateboards

    Express yourself through more than just stickers, graphics, and tricks on Corbus Skateboards ($TBA). These one-of-a-kind boards move beyond the traditional wood structure by using aluminum, allowing for agressive, interesting deck shapes while retaining the same weight and rideability as a normal longboard. Currently available in several designs, including a fishbone, gas mask, skeleton, and seahorse.

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