Jetsurf Motorized Surfboards

If you aren't a surfing purist but always dreamed of riding a board across the water, a Jetsurf Motorized Surfboard ($13,500+) might be just the thing you're looking for. It boasts a powerful engine, is handcrafted with ultra-light carbon and Kevlar, and is designed precisely to fit with your luggage. The board will get you up to 35mph without a wave in sight, which means surfing is not only no longer limited to the purists, but also is no longer limited to the coasts.

  • Squirrel Wingsuits

    You know that dream where you're flying across the sky, soaring effortlessly without the aid of a vehicle? Fortunately, it doesn't have to be a dream, thanks to Squirrel Wingsuits ($1,650 and up), and a (possibly-unhealthy) dose of courage. They offer several suits, the swift, called a beginner suit, the aura, a more balanced suit, and the colugo, made for pilots of intermediate to expert ability. Each suit is completely customizable, so you can build it to match your tastes, and based on years of research and experience in wingsuit base jumping. [Scouted by Dom]

  • Uncrate x Blue Claw Co. Ping Pong Paddle Cover

    If you take your ping pong sersiously, it's probably time you got a little paddle protection. As we generally eschew any colors beyond black or white, we asked Blue Claw Co. to make us a monochrome version of their paddle cover that would fit more with our "Ninja Assassin" persona at the table tennis club. The Uncrate x Blue Claw Co. Ping Pong Paddle Cover ($35) sports said all-black looks and is made in the USA with 15oz heavy canvas. The paddle cover also adds our signature orange ripstop lining, while a pouch on the back holds up to 3 balls (or a couple of those single-serving booze bottles).

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