JFK Airport Overhaul

Once a world class transportation hub, the JFK airport is now one of the more difficult airports to navigate and access. Despite serving a record 60 million passengers in 2016 and welcoming more international passengers than any other airport in the country, JFK's terminals and facilities are badly out-dated and low on capacity. Governor Andrew Cuomo recently announced a $100 billion infrastructure plan to transform JFK into a state-of-the-art facility prepared to meet the demands of the 21st century. The plan calls for a redesign of on-airport roadways to eliminate bottlenecks for commuters to and from JFK. They'll also be expanding terminals and redeveloping and relocating older terminals to create a better experience for travelers. In addition, fine dining, duty-free shopping, high-end retail, and conference and meeting room facilities will help return this important transportation hub to its former glory as one of the greatest airports in the U.S.

  • BMW HoloActive Touch

    It's not coming to any production model soon, but BMW HoloActive Touch isn't that far fetched as an in-car interface of the future. Using a series of reflections, it displays a full-color readout right in the middle of the cabin. A camera tracks your hand movements and fingertips, letting you to navigate menus and make selections, and pulses are emitted when you make a selection to provide a bit of tactile feedback. And while this all sounds well and good, BMW's putting it to the ultimate IRL test by brining it to the sweaty, cord-filled confines of CES next January.

  • The Beast Hoverbike

    With a Tron-like form and flying capabilities, The Beast Hoverbike is a concept we'd like to see become a reality. The single-person vehicle is powered by a radial fan, rather than a motor, drawing inspiration from vintage hair dryers and graphic cards. A set of wings on the bottom aid in steering, while two large thrust reverse brakes slow the bike down. Although things are merely in the conception stage, the design did earn second prize in the "A Roadtrip in 2116" contest, giving us hope for possible production within the next 100 years.

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