J.L. Lawson & Co. EDC Top

Some of the best time wasters fit snugly into your pocket and we aren't talking about your smartphone. EDC Tops from J.L. Lawson & Co. take a game that has been around for centuries and modernize it with these manually machined pieces. Starting from a solid bar of 7/8" brass or copper, each piece is then manually turned and a tungsten carbide ball is press fit for the tip. A custom leather pouch is also included for storage. Whether it's a relaxing ritual or a competition for the longest spin time, each top is hand made to last for as many spins as you can muster.

  • Wall Scrabble

    Gain a whole new perspective on family game night with Wall Scrabble. Measuring nearly seven feet wide and roughly five feet tall, this massive game board is made from solid wood, and features vintage graphics taken from the original 1949 edition. Along with the board itself, the tiles are also made of wood, and boast powerful integrated magnets to keep them in place. Each player (up to four) gets their own detachable, chalkboard-backed tile rack that can be turned around to store their tiles on the board, a built-in chalkboard lets you keep track of the score, a fabric bag stores extra tiles, and, should you wonder how you're going to keep all this hanging on the wall, handware is mercifully included.

  • Killspencer Indoor Basketball Kit

    Nerf basketball was one of two enjoyable things you were able to do in your room when you were a kid. Recapture some of this magic with the Killspencer Indoor Basketball Kit. This upscale, corner office-friendly version features a matte black maple backboard, a black leather net, and a powder-coated black metal rim, with a breakaway feature for all those dunks. Not fancy enough for you? The Special Edition features a gold foil skirt on the bottom of the net and a 24-karat gold-plated rim.

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